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Located in Newnan Georgia, VIVID Droneography is dedicated to leveraging emerging technologies to provide the highest level of quality service and to ensure your expectations and project vision will be fulfilled. We view your business as a long term partnership. As a partner, meeting your expectation combined with safety will be our highest priority



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Standard MLS Photography (Aerial & Interior) 

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VIVID Droneography captures stunning high quality aerial photography & videography as well as Interior Photography edited for MLS.


83% of homesellers prefer to work with agents who's photos are combined with aerial drone footage.  We offer competitive pricing to fit your budget. Discounts are available for residential and commercial real estate shoots for long term clients. 






Building Inspections

Residential or Commercial


Utilizing drones with an on board 4k,60fps. 23MP camera, VIVID Droneography can deliver high accuracy Roof and Vertical images and measurements utilizing the latest imagery point cloud software combined with video and close-up photographs if needed. POI within inspection images can be tagged and annotated, zoomed in and even measuring capability within the image. Also, create your own view link for your associates and downloaded your images in single or batch as png files within the Client Portal.

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Property Inspections.jpg

Roof & Window Inspections

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Exterior Building Inspection

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Tower Inspections


VIVID Droneography utilizes professional drones with on-board 4k camera's to create clear high-resolution 2D maps and 3D orthomosaic images via the powerful PIX4-D platform. This allows you to use your maps to measure distance, area, and volume. We offer export options that you can utilize your map data in a variety of ways.  

Processing Log

  • LOG file


3D Model/Mesh

  • 3D Model (.obj)

  • FBX

Point Cloud

  • LAS


  • png

Quality Report

  • PDF

  • XML

Tower Point Cloud.jpg

iGuide Virtual 3D Tours

iGuide Virtual Tours

3D tours become even more immersive when combined with floor plans!

Other 3D tours can be difficult to navigate and it’s easy to get lost in them. That‘s why we’ve combined iGUIDE 3D tours with our highly detailed floor plans for intuitive navigation that lets you use both 2D and 3D reference points to maneuver through the space.

Select spots on the floor plan to teleport throughout the house in the 3D tour to get a solid grounding in the layout of the house and a better understanding of how the rooms work together as a whole.

Check out this testimonial on how the iGuide system enhanced Brenna Humphreys client experience in real estate virtual walk-through photography. They introduced iGUIDE to their clients in 2015 and were immediately impressed with the versatile functionality of the technology.

Residential space
Commercial space

iGUIDE® 3D Tour - A solution for Real Estate professionals

With iGuide virtual home tours, buyers don't just see a home, they see themselves living there. Our 3D virtual home tours open
listings to a limitless number of buyers from anywhere in the world. iGuide lets you experience the property down to the smallest detail, with the clarity of stepping through the front door.

Access to property information benefits everyone. Faster decision making, better planning, and easier navigation are the results. iGUIDE 3D tours include detailed floor plans, 360° images, room dimensions, photos, and more to make this happen.

iGUIDE® Floor Plans - A visual overview of your property

Partnered with iGUIDE®, we know the importance of superior-quality floor plans and the value they have on your listing. Every iGUIDE comes with floor plans in both online and printable formats to drive engagement. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

In today’s competitive market, we know you need to continually stand out from the rest; and showcasing professional, interactive, and detailed floor plans can make all the difference.

Standard vs Premium .jpg

Advanced Measurements are here! A wealth of critical information about a space and its features can be gathered online directly from the iGUIDE tour. Avoid unnecessary site visits, share information with anyone/anywhere, and limit costly human error.

iGUIDE gets a 3D measurement capability – measure distances between arbitrary points in 3D space. Using only data from the iGUIDE camera and without a need to collect time-consuming 3D point clouds. Remotely plan and manage space. Whether it’s for personal use or for a contractor, Advanced Measurements can measure a space for several common everyday scenarios that span a broad range of industries:

  • Sizing and positioning furniture, decor items, or area rugs

  • Plan cabinet layouts and determine costs for a kitchen renovation

  • Determine repair or replacement costs for carpet, hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl flooring

  • Plan for the placement of appliances

  • Estimate repair costs for pipes, ducts, and wiring

  • Measure windows to estimate the replacement cost for coverings, or for heat loss calculations

  • Calculate quantity and cost when painting

  • Measure ceiling height for holiday decorating or accommodating that family heirloom wardrobe

Advanced Measurements eliminate costly mistakes by having the information available at all times and the ability to measure and re-measure as many times as necessary, in any mode, until you’re confident in your calculations. Measurement accuracy for Advanced Measurements will vary depending on how particular measurement points are selected by the user. Estimated uncertainty for each measurement is reported during use to aid the user in understanding the results.

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Floorplan details_1.jpg
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